InfoBunker – Iowa’s military-grade data center

The InfoBunker Iowa data center operates in a Cold War era, government communications bunker, purpose-built by the military to house and protect sensitive electronic gear. InfoBunker combines the best of commercial technology with military-grade engineering and reliability, and provides the most secure and reliable location for your off-site hosting, backup and disaster recovery needs.

Disasters and outages can have a profound effect on both reputation and revenue. A solid disaster recovery (DR) plan must go beyond in-house backups and include off-site storage in a secure, resilient data center. This gives your company the ability to recover quickly from small or catastrophic losses and outages. Business continuity (BC) usually involves more aggressive plans to avoid interruption altogether with solutions that enable immediate fail-over of critical data center applications.

If you’re not currently implementing a backup or disaster recovery plan for your business or are looking for an off-site hosting space, ask us about InfoBunker.

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Survivability Features:

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Shielded to Military Standards
Three-foot Thick Reinforced Concrete, All-Subterranean Construction
Designed to Survive a 20-Megaton Nuclear Blast from 2.5 miles
On-Site Six Day Diesel Fuel Reserve
17,000 Gallon Underground Freshwater Reserve Tank
All Critical Equipment Shock-Mounted on Isolation Pads
Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) Air Filtration

ZebraHost, Des Moines Hosting, InfoBunker


Facility is over 65,000 square feet with all critical systems underground
2N+2 Fully Redundant Air Handling & Cooling Systems
2-Sided Independent A/B main Breakers
3 Backup generators for N+2 redundancy
Entire complex is multistage air-filtered to 0.3 microns
Multi-Zoned FM200 Fire Suppression Systems
Backup Underground 17,000 Gallon Water-Based Fire Suppression
Ring-Fed Power Via Captured Substation

Contact us if you’re interested in our InfoBunker data center.

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