Why choose a ZebraHost Hybrid Cloud Solution?

Are You Ready To Create Or Upgrade Your Current Systems? Let ZebraHost create a customized Cloud Solution for you.

Completely Customized

Performance Optimized

Best Practice Security

Configured by Experts

Fully Managed

Ready in 48 Hours or Less

Fixed ‘One Price’ Billing

No Hidden Charges or Unexpected Overages

Development Hybrid Cloud

As a developer, it is imperative that you and your team test your application in the same environment from testing to final production though it may prove to be difficult when not configured properly. By utilizing Hybrid Cloud technology, our team of Hybrid Cloud Experts can set-up and configure a secure Private Cloud staging environment with the same framework as a Dedicated Server for your development team that can provide optimal testing and deployment. Easily manage multiple user logins and test applications at different locations that can seamlessly push all updates to a more powerful High Performance Server of your choice for final production and better site performance.

Variable Traffic Hybrid Cloud

In most cases, customers want the security benefits of a Dedicated Server and be able to scale their resources to meet irregular traffic demands. Our Hybrid Cloud team can provide you with solutions that will give you the security of a Dedicated Server along with the capability to spin-up new virtual Web Servers or Application Servers on demand for added resources instantly. Store your data on your Dedicated Server and utilize virtual Web Servers to handle irregular front-end demands for optimal performance. By deploying Virtual Machines as Web Servers on demand, you can control your hardware resources and save money by reducing setup costs.

Corporate Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Managing multiple on-site company servers at different locations can be a time consuming process which also lacks the potential for future expansion. Let our team of Hybrid Cloud Experts provide you with a Hybrid Cloud Solution that allows you to securely manage your entire corporate data structure in one easy to manage solution. Our experts will setup each subsidiary company as a designated Virtual Server where they can store their files and add to the main Dedicated Server storing all of your files. The Server Admin can set and control each Virtual Server’s permissions and restrictions to help secure each company’s Private Cloud files and prevent them from being tampered with by unnecessary users.

Common Questions

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A Hybrid Cloud Solution utilizes resources from both a dedicated server environment and a virtual server environment to work as one network.

How do I know which Hybrid Cloud Solution to choose?

Every Hybrid Cloud Solution is completely customizable and depends on the amount of resources you need. Please contact us and we will consult with you and help you in getting the perfect Hybrid Cloud Solution that is right for you.

Can you assist me in setting up a Hybrid Cloud Solution?

Yes. We are available 24x7x365 to help you set up or manage your Hybrid Cloud configuration.

Can I upgrade or change my configuration or data center anytime?

100% Yes. We are able to deploy and manage servers in most any data center in the world, including 3rd party Cloud Providers (IBM, Amazon, Azure etc). If you already have a server in another data center, utilizing Server Intellect as your data center liaison is just smart business. We can manage as much, or as little as you need.

Cloud Options

Development Hybrid Solution Includes:

  • Multi-User Secure Private Cloud Access
  • Dedicated Server for Production
  • Two-Factor Authentication for Added Security
  • SSL VPN Secure Access

Variable Traffic Hybrid Solution Includes:

  • Deploy Multiple VM Servers When Needed
  • Private Cloud Administration and Security
  • Reduce Set-Up Costs
  • Active Directory Administration

Corporate Cloud Solution Includes:

  • Enterprise Level Security and Administration
  • Instant Management Server Deployment
  • SSL VPN Secure Access
  • Active Directory Administration

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