indows Managed Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are the optimal choice for business applications. The flexibility and performance of a dedicated server is perfect for building out a business-class infrastructure. No complex installations, no more doubts about whether your Windows server is configured correctly, no more maintenance or security nightmares. Let the server experts at ZebraHost take it from here. We’re ready 24x7x365 to handle it all.

Server Features Included With All Dedicated Servers:

24x7x365 U.S. Support

Our entire team is located in the United States. Every technician is highly trained, fully certified, and eager to assist you. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Disaster Planning & Recovery

Backups of your critical data isn’t an upgrade, It’s a requirement, and is included at no additional cost to you.

Secure VPN Access

Accessing your server securely over VPN is available for all servers. Security shouldn’t be an upgrade, it’s a necessity.

Scheduled “hands-on” Administrator time guarantees updates are applied, system checks are done, and required maintenance is performed each month.

We are so confident in our services, we will take 100% of the risk away and offer a complete 14 day money back guarantee on all services.

100% Fully Managed. Web, Database, Email and more. No time limits, just a friendly and helpful team of Certified Windows Experts ready to work for you.

Free Server Migration

Let our Certified team of Experts handle the difficult task of migrating your server for you. Our goal is to make the transition virtually hassle free!

Monitoring & Rapid Response

Monitoring of Critical Websites and Services is done at 60 second intervals. Our team responds and proactively resolves the issue for you.

Enterprise Cloud DNS

Unlimited Cloud DNS for your domain names. Easy setup, powerful control, extreme speeds, at no additional cost.

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