Content Delivery Network (CDN)

When delivering media rich content, having the highest speed and least amount of latency is key to an exceptional end user experience. We’ve partnered with EdgeCast to offer one of the fastest and most reliable content delivery networks in the world.

Deliver your content in 24 geographically distributed nodes and shorten the distance it has to travel to get to your end user. Avoid network traffic jams, decrease latency, and optimize performance.

Pay-as-you-go bandwidth allows for changes in user demand without going over capacity.

Spreading content delivery over multiple servers throughout the cloud means that as demand increases your content will not slow down or compromise delivery.

Secure, streamlined tools for managing content and content monetization protects digital rights and maximizes return.

Pushing content to nodes around the world optimizes the reliability and speed of content delivery to end-users regardless of their location.

Optimizing content and data delivery allows web sites to include more creative content without sacrificing performance.

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What are the advantages of using CDN?

Standard Internet delivery sends content data over general Internet routes to the end-user’s location from the host server’s location. The problem with standard Internet delivery is that it doesn’t take into account the host server’s proximity to the end-user, or the possible network traffic jams between the two. CDN, however, moves the content from the host server to a node that is geographically closer to the end-user. By doing this, the potential congestion in the network and decreases latency are avoided. Also, CDN includes tools that provide more content management and delivery control.

Why should my company outsource the use of a CDN?

Why undergo the expense of building out an extensive infrastructure? Using CDN reduces your internal overhead by relying on ZebraHost’s servers designed specifically for the task of streaming video and content. We offer several clustered systems in globally diverse areas. The end result is having the work of one server spread over hundreds. ZebraHost’s partner for CDN (Edgecast) has provided us with a 100% SLA agreement meaning your content is in safe and secure.

What file formats does CDN support?

ZebraHost’s CDN Supports streaming of files for Flash Media and Windows Media. ZebraHost’s CDN also supports a wide variety of encoding formats for downloading or caching media—including Windows Media Player, Flash Media, DivX, H.264, Move Media Player, Microsoft Silverlight, QuickTime, MP3, RealSystem G2, RealPlayer, Real Networks, HTML, TXT, GIF, JPG, and PDF.

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